Industrial and Consumer Science

Welcome to the Industrial and Consumer Science Academy. Below you will find information about what programs are available within our academy. 

ACE (Architectural Drafting, Construction, Electrical)

The Bartow Academy of Architecture, Construction, and Engineering (ACE) focuses its educational efforts on the labor force needs of the construction related industries in and around Polk County. Currently the academy has three tracks to prepare students for entry level employment or advanced training in the construction and manufacturing trades. Students are encouraged, but not required, to take courses in multiple tracks when their schedules allow for a broader understanding of the interconnectivity between the three tracts.  

The first track, Architectural Drafting, instructs students on plan production and plan reading skills, building and construction technologies, structural and civil engineering principles, as well as the elements and principles of architectural design. 

The second track, Construction, develops student competencies essential to the carpentry and cabinetmaking industry from basic workshop skills to advanced carpentry skills in topics such as safety, use of manual and power tools, applied math, construction methods and materials, plan reading, and project management. 

The third Track, Electricity, develops the required competencies for working in the electrical industry such as the principles of electrical engineering, safety practices, basic electrical theories for direct and alternating current, appropriate communication and math skills, and electric codes. 

iGrow Agriculture Academy

Bartow Senior IGrow Academy is dedicated to providing students in an agricultural class the opportunity to develop competent, aggressive agricultural and civic leadership. Within the classroom students will be able to test in five different areas and have the opportunity to receive industry certification which promotes the development of individual occupational experience programs and establishes the members in agricultural occupations. Students will have the opportunity to compete in Career Development Events, Leadership Development Events, Livestock Shows, and participate in Leadership Conferences throughout the year as a member of the FFA. To be an FFA member the student must be actively in an agriculture class and pay yearly dues.