District 3 – Teacher of the Year Lindsey Hanger

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Lindsey Hanger

English teacher, Bartow High/International Baccalaureate/Summerlin Academy, District 3 Teacher of the Year

Hanger is a dedicated teacher who wants her students to care more about learning than grades. She emphasizes the importance of integrity and diligence, while letting students know that a failure will never diminish their value, or her respect for them.

To help students make learning gains, she carefully selects educational materials that are relevant, relatable and thought-provoking. “I fully believe that higher-level thinking questions and engaging texts are vital to creating interest, which then leads to better comprehension,” she said.

Hanger is proud that after a year of her tutelage, students can write a successful first draft within 45 minutes.

“I receive feedback every year from students about how this writing instruction has taken the sting out of their freshman year of college,” she said.

Hanger is a leader at her school. For the last four years, she has taken on various responsibilities as chair of her school’s English department, and serves as a mentor for new teachers.