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Planning for Graduation

Congratulations BHS/IB/SA Graduate!

We are so proud of you! 

Important information regarding Graduation is as follows: 

Graduation Requirements

  • Unweighted minimum GPA of 2.0 
  • Minimum of 24 Credits 
  • Passing score on Algebra I EOC or concordant score (97) on PERT test* 
  • Passing score on FSA Reading or concordant score on ACT (19) or SAT (450) reading sections* 

*Waived for 2021 graduates 

Avoid the Pitfalls

  • Senior-itis – The deceptive state of being lulled into a sense of “I’m almost done; therefore I don’t need to apply myself.” 
  • Attendance Issues – School is not over until the last day and daily attendance is essential to your success. 
  • GPA Dip /Losing Focus – Keep your eye on the prize!  

Senior Pranks

  • A school with a history like ours has seen its fair share of Senior Pranks.  Some were just silly bits of fun, others were dangerous, costly, and sometimes illegal.  
  • Our Primary Goal, as always, is the safety of our students, even those who will leave us, soon.  The best advice we can give is, “Just Don’t.” 
  • Pranks tend to disrupt the school day, cause possible damage, and may result in criminal charges.   
  • Diplomas will be withheld from students involved in Senior pranks.  We want to celebrate your successes, not see you prevented from achieving them. 

Student Expectations at the Commencement Ceremony

  • Students will be dressed in their best under their robes and will wear the medals, cords and stoles of their achievements. 
  • Caps/gowns may not be decorated or altered in any way. 
  • Cell phones are turned off and placed out of sight. 
  • All students remain for the entire ceremony. The graduating class will march in and out together. 
  • We want to ensure that every student and his or her guests fully enjoy this joyous occasion and that every child is recognized for his or her achievements. 
  •  Air horns, catcalling, etc. will not be permitted. 
  • We know you are excited but so are the other families who are attending and would like to hear their graduate’s name called. 
  • COVID safety protocols will be followed:  all attending must wear a mask with social distancing in place regarding seating. 


  • Please check for obligations in two places: 
  • The Media Center has records of monies owed for library books, textbooks, and school-owned technology. 
  • Each school office has records of additional obligations such as class fees, uniform fees, lab fees, etc.  
  • Students will pay in their school’s Main Office or the BHS Media Center and should keep the receipt. 
  • Obligations will need to be paid before the student can attend the Commencement Ceremony. 
  • Cash or check accepted—no bills over $20 nor credit cards. 

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