The members of the Summerlin Academy Drill Team, known as the Disciples, have a shared passion and commitment for armed performance routines and exhibition drill. The Disciple team members are extremely hardworking and dedicated Cadets who are diligently working to master the components of leadership, drill and ceremony, and community service. Most importantly, becoming a Disciple means that you are a member of a family. Disciple team members have a common identity which speaks to a desire for excellence in academics, leadership, and discipline.

Through tapping into their unrealized potential, Drill Team members, using a M1903A3 rifle become emotionally, mentally, and physically capable performers. Together, their talents and commitment ensure the team’s collective best in its passion to serve the community and its veterans.

Drill Team members have a varied list of service obligations. The Color Guard component of the Drill Team is responsible for preserving the honor and tradition of Summerlin Academy and the nation both daily and as part of the academy’s many ceremonies and programs. The Drill Team, which is known for its complex routines, performs and competes in JROTC events at the local, state, and at the national level.